Configuring Notifications

Podaris can send email notifications when significant events occur in your projects (such as when a new comment is added, or a collaborator starts editing it).

Notifications center

It is possible to configure Podaris to change when or why you receive notifications.

  • No notification: Will never send you email alerts for any notifications. However, they will still appear inside the Podaris Notification Center
  • Daily digest: Will send you a summary once a day with the last 24 hours of activity for your projects - which you have not already seen inside of Podaris.
  • As it happens: Will send you email alerts for every new notification that occurs in real time.

Global Notification Settings

By default every project you are a member of will send you notifications based on your global user settings, which are configured in your account settings

Per-project Notification Settings

Custom notification settings can be created for each individual project. These settings will take priority over your global settings.

You can configure them by clicking the 'Notification Preferences' button in the project menu.

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