About Podaris


What is Podaris?

Podaris is a collaboration platform for transport infrastructure planning, engineering, and stakeholder engagement. With Podaris, you can:

  • Quickly and accurately plan potential routes and scenarios
  • Work collaboratively, in real-time, across multiple disciplines
  • Generate accurate models for detailed cost/benefit and engineering studies
  • Engage non-technical stakeholders in outreach and feedback

Why use Podaris?

Studies have shown that over 60% of infrastructure project delays and cost overruns are due to misunderstandings that could have been prevented through better communication and coordination during early-stage project planning. Podaris solves this problem, helping you to plan projects more accurately, rapidly, and transparently than ever before. Podaris can be used from the earliest stages of project feasibility planning, and helps to keep all parties on the same page -- ensuring optimal project development and delivery.

Podaris can be used today for Fixed-infrastructure public transport, and will soon be available for other classes of infrastructure. If you have an application that would benefit from Podaris' real-time collaboration technology, then please let us know!

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