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The isochrone tool is used to visualise the spatial accessibility provided by a transport system. The number and size of the steps are configurable through the Tool Properties panel. Station-to-station travel times are calculated per the Station matrix, while radiuses around the station assumes a standard walking speed (crow-flies distance).

Note that for stations to be accessible to the isochrone, they must be connected to and reachable through the network.

Isochrone properties

Isochrone Tool Properties Panel

Using the Tool Properties panel, you can:

  • Pin or unpin the isochrone to the current view
  • Change the number of steps in the isochrone
  • Change the size of the steps
  • Change the color scheme
  • Change the opacity of the isochrone overlay

Note that changes to the color scheme or opacity of the overlay are applied immediately, while you must press the "update" to recalculate the size or number of steps.

These controls allow for isochrones to be rendered in many different ways:

Isochrone visualization styles

Pinned isochrones

Isochrones can be pinned to specific Views, allowing them to be shared with others -- including stakeholders using Podaris:Engage -- as well as captured in snapshots.

To pin the current isochrone to the current view, click the "Pin to view" button in the Tool Properties panel. Note that if you make any changes to the location or properties of an isochrone while it is pinned, these changes will be saved to the view.

Views with pinned isochrones are indicated by the presence of an "isochrone man" icon on its entry in the Views panel.

View with pinned isochrone

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