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The select tool allows you to select and modify entities.

  • Select multiple entities by holding down shift while clicking on them
  • Select a region by clicking once on a blank area of the map. This will begin showing a selection box. Clicking a second time will select all entities within the selection box.

Once selected, you can move objects by dragging them around the map. You can use the Tool Properties panel to modify the attributes of the selected entities.

Tool Properties for the Select Tool

Global Options

  • Change the layer of the selected entities
  • Delete the entities by pressing BACKSPACE or DELETE.

Point Options

  • View current solved radius
  • View the velocity through the point
  • View the superelevation
  • Snap / un-snap point to its current line
  • Set minimum radius constraint
  • Set maximum radius constraint
  • Set the maximum velocity through the point
  • Set the maximum superelevation

Line Options

  • View the average velocity along the line (including any curves at its ends)
  • Set the maximum velocity of the line
  • Reverse the direction of the line
  • View length of solved path along line

Station Options

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