Collaborators Panel

The collaborators panel lets you add and manage project collaborators. Collaborators can be given permission to view, comment, edit or administrate your project. Podaris synchronises all collaborator actions in real-time, as if everyone is working around the same table. However you can always revert any collaborator's edits by using the history panel.

Collaborators with Comment permission or higher can leave comments via the Comment tool. Collaborators with Edit permission or higher can communicate via text, audio, or video chat using the Collaborator chat feature.

Adding a collaborator

Only Project owners or administrators can add collaborators to a project.

To add a collaborator:

  1. Click the Add button in the Collaborators panel.
  2. Search for the email address of the person you want to collaborate with. If they are a registered Podaris user, select them from the list of suggested users. Otherwise they will be emailed an invitation to join Podaris.
  3. Assign a Permissions level
  4. Confirm the invitation to collaborate.

Managing collaborators

Collaborators panel

Collaborator color

Each collaborator receives a custom color, indicated as a bar on to the left of their name. This will be reflected in the outline of their viewport when they are active, and the color of their actions in the Project history.

Status indicator

When a collaborator is actively editing a project, their status light will be Green. When they are viewing a project but not actively editing it, their light will be Yellow. If they are actively using Audio or Video chat, then status indicator will be a mic or camera, respectively.

Change / Remove collaborator

If you are a project owner or administrator, you can double-click on the collaborator name, or the Cog icon to change their Permissions level. Click on the red Minus icon to remove the collaborator.

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