Custom Map Overlays

With Podaris, you can create custom background maps with georeferenced images. This is a pro feature, which requires a paid account.


Creating a custom overlay

  1. On the Layers Panel, click Add Overlay Layer Overlay Icon in the OVERLAY pane.

  2. Title your Layer, click Add Map and title your new map. Now click OKAY.

  3. The Georeferencer Panel will open in a separate window. Enter the location of your project in this panel.

  4. Drag or select your map image (a high resolution .PNG with a transparent background is preferable).

  5. Your image will be displayed alongside the location you have chosen.

    You must place at least 3 reference points by first clicking a distinct location on your image and then clicking the same point on your map. Place these reference points as far from each other as possible.

    1. Click RUN and you will be returned to your project. Select your map and opacity level and select OKAY to see it overlayed.

    Custom TileServer

    Support for third party TileServers as overlays is possible by clicking the CUSTOM button when adding a new overlay layer.

    N.B. Currently, only TileServer URLs served over HTTPS are permitted within Podaris.

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