Keyboard Shortcuts

Toolbar Shortcuts

Tool Key Function
select Select 1 Selects and modifies objects
copy Copy Y Copies and pastes selected objects
rotate Rotate R Rotates selected objects
station Station S Creates station or access points
draw Draw D Creates control points and lines
erase Erase X Erases objects
comment Comment C Comments within a view
isochrone Isochrone I Caclulates travel times from any location
measure Measure M Measures the distance between points
zoom Zoom 9 Zooms into a selected area

Shortcuts for Operating on a Selection

Key Function
ctrl+C Copy
ctrl+V Paste
shift+L Change layer type of selected entities
shift+R Rename a selected station
DEL Delete a selected entity

Global Shortcuts

Key Function
ctrl+Z Undo
ctrl+Y Redo
L Open the current layer selector
V Open the current view selector

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