Display Settings

Podaris has many options for customising the appearance of the map. These settings can be saved as a view, which can be used for engagement or as guides for yourself and other collaborators.


Background Settings

The map background can be blended with a solid color. Podaris offers several defaults: Dark, Neutral, and Light. You can also specify a Custom background color and opacity. Together with the options provided in the Map switcher, this allows for a great variety of potential display styles.

Map Backgrounds


Background Settings


  • Min size -- The minimum width of any path, in pixels
  • Schematic -- Use a consistent width for all paths
  • Footprint -- Use the physical right-of-way for each layer's LayerType


  • Layer -- Use the color of the Layer
  • Velocity -- Show the speed based on the velocity profile of the LayerType


Background Settings

Station dots

  • Size -- A multiplier based on the path size


  • Font size -- In pixels
  • Color

Walk Radius

Used as an indicator of station accessibility.

  • Radius -- Can be entered in any units
  • Stroke -- Color, opacity, and width in pixels
  • Fill -- Color and opacity


Background Settings

Alerts are used to give feedback to editors when constraints are violated. Note that they are only shown in Podaris:Plan, not Podaris:Engage.

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