Podaris:Engage screenshot

Podaris:Engage is a simplified view of the project, meant to show External views and get Comments from wider stakeholder groups.

Viewing Podaris:Engage

Whether a project can be seen in Podaris:Engage depends on the Project permissions and Collaborator permissions.

  • If it is a Public project, then anyone can find the project listed on app.podaris.com, and view it in Podaris:Engage.
  • If it is a Link-only project, then anyone with the link can view it in Podaris:Engage.
  • If it is a Private project, then the user must be added to the project as a collaborator with View or Comment permissions, in order to see the project in Podaris:Engage.

If you are an Editor or Administrator, you will see the project in Podaris:Plan. If you would like to see what it looks like in Podaris:Engage, then go to the Project menu and select Switch to Engage Mode.

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