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Podaris:Engage is a simplified view of the project, designed to display External views and collect Comments from wider stakeholder groups.

Viewing Podaris:Engage

Whether a project can be seen in Podaris:Engage depends on the Project permissions and Collaborator permissions.

  • If it is a Public project, then anyone can find the project listed on app.podaris.com, and view it in Podaris:Engage.
  • If it is a Link-only project, then anyone with the link can view it in Podaris:Engage.
  • If it is a Private project, then the user must be added to the project as a collaborator with View or Comment permissions, in order to see the project in Podaris:Engage.

If you are an Editor or Administrator, you will see the project in Podaris:Plan. If you would like to see what it looks like in Podaris:Engage, then go to the Project menu and select Switch to Engage Mode.

Projects in Podaris:Engage are presented in a tabbed window, allowing access to multiple views from above the project map. Clicking these tabs (below) will load each view and the accompanying comments.

View Tabs

In the bottom right, you'll find the Information and Comments tabs (see below). The Information tab contains the project description and comments for each view. Clicking a comment will expand the View Comment panel and allow you to view the entire comment thread. It will also reposition the map to the location where the comment was pinned.

N.B. Only users who are logged in are able to reply to comments.


If you wish to share the project, the Share Project button exists next to the project title and provides you with a URL to share.

Engage Share

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